How to do a Self-Care Box

The best is to have the self-care box at a reachable spot.

What is a self-care box?
A self-care box is a box/ place for you to store items that help you in stressful/ exhausting situations to relax, to lift your spirits and feel happy again. Find some suggestions below for things you can put in your box. 

o Chocolate
o Your favourite movie on dvd
o Bath salts, bath bombs or bubble bath
o Notebook for journaling
o Candles
o Face masks
o Inspiring book
o Nail polish
o Colouring book
o Essential oils
o Hair masks
o Tea (yogi tea or similar)
o Pictures from a vacation
o A blanket for feeling cozy
o Poems
o A small bottle of champagne or prosecco
o Your favourite cookies
o A dress that makes you feel sexy
o Anything else you can think of

Hot Chocolate is a one of the things that I always need to have in my box!

This is great fun as you can decorate the box/ place with whatever is handy for you. 
You can use a shoe box or similar. Get creative. Use wrapping paper, washi tape, newspaper, magazine clippings, whatever you desire. Pressed flowers, glitter, rhinestones look great on the boxes. 
What do you love to look at? Use this on the box. Do you like colours then paint it in your favourite colours.
Enjoy it!

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