My Word For 2019

Every year at about Christmas I search for a topic for the upcoming year. The topic should be able to be described in one word. For this word I also have my Pinterest dashboard, it finds its way onto my vision board and I incorporate it into my daily life. The last 3 years I used a 5-day course of Susannah Conway to find my word. This course helps to structure your thoughts and to filter the important things. It is about self-kindness, self love and selfcare.

Years ago it was all about New Year’s resolutions for me, but they didn’t really help and most of the times I forgot about them mid of January already. “Lose weight” or “Do more sports” sounded like good goals for me, but they didn’t inspire me, they gave me a feel of guilt. I had goals like “Go 4 times a week to the gym”, “Do Yoga 3 times a week”, “Do Zumba every day”. Don’t get me wrong, I love Zumba and I love Yoga! But these goals put pressure on myself and I didn’t enjoy what I was doing. And I either did it or not, but there was no in-between. When I found the course of Susannah Conway in 2016 I learned that the goals don’t need to be pressurizing. That I actually can have fun when creating a topic for the year. And that it is all about me, loving myself and caring about myself. I learned that these words can affect me in awesome ways and guide me for the whole year, without losing touch. These words encourage me to live differently, to chose differently. They empower and inspire rather me.

The word for 2017 was “Ease” and for 2018 “Respect”. “Ease” helped me in a time in which I took everything very seriously. Because of “Ease” I was able to see things differently. Be more relaxed with things I could not change by myself. “Respect” taught me to take care of myself again and to understand what is good for me and what not. It also showed me to speak up again and also to show up.

For 2019 I’ve chosen the word “Enjoy”. I didn’t “Enjoy” life for a long time and in 2019 it is time for doing so. I plan to “Enjoy” every single moment and I allow myself to be surprised by the things that 2019 has in mind for me. 2019 will be a good year for me. Especially as the year starts with the move to Barcelona, which I’m looking forward to.

Susannah Conways course you can find here:

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