Why Barcelona?

About 4 years ago I decided to leave Germany and to work in Ireland for a while. I had visited the country once before and knew some people already at that time. The image in my head was the lush green country with a lot of craic. Craic is the Irish word for having fun. It was never planned to stay that long . In my mind it would be for a year or two but … In my first year my father and his wife visited me and while doing a site seeing tour the taxi driver told me that I would stay for a longer time. I laughed about this and told him about my plans to leave the country soon. But it wasn’t that soon…

Years ago I lived in Spain and Turkey for several months and since that time I always had in mind to go back to the Mediterranean Sea area. But it did not happen in the past years. I applied for jobs in different countries – no replies at all. The job offers always were from Ireland. So I moved from the south of Ireland to Dublin and lived there for 3 years. This year things started to change. My employer sent me to Lisbon for 3 months  and I fell in love with the city and the people there. I tried to get a job there and I was offered a job, which I declined for  a supposedly better job in Dublin. This new job brought me to amazing places like Ahmedabad in India. I experienced a lot there and met awesome people. But my heart felt like something was missing. I tried to get a job in Lisbon again, but with no luck.

Because of this I made some decisions. I asked myself where I could imagine to live and where my heart wants to be. Barcelona started popping up again and again. Either on TV, magazines, Facebook, Instagram and suddenly friends also moved to this city. Then about 2.5 months ago I made the decision to move to Barcelona and suddenly everything started to work out. As soon as I told my friends that I would move too I felt peace in my heart. An inner peace that I hadn’t felt for years. An ease spread and things started to work out. Business ideas came up, collaborations taking place, and everybody whom I talked to was excited about my plans.

I was out with a friend and she asked me when I wanted to move. I hadn’t thought about an exact date at that time but in my mind there was the number 15 showing up. I checked the flights for 15th January, they were the cheapest of whole January. Then I started looking for Airbnbs and I found a cute little apartment one minute from the Beach for a very reasonable price. This little apartment will be my sanctuary for 6 weeks and I’m very happy to be close to the beach.

One job offer didn’t work out, but with the second interview I found a job (they even offered me two different jobs in that company). This job will help me to establish myself in Barcelona.

I’m looking forward to speaking Spanish again, to live a Southern life style and to have good food around me. Barcelona is a melting pot for foodies and creative people like me. Everything about this city feels like the right place at the right time.

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